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We work with the best platforms from the fintech & cryptocurrency industry to provide you with exclusive offers and excellent rates, as well as a top tier audience.

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Targeted audience

You can launch an advertising campaign in 5 minutes. Don’t have banner designs or press release copy ready? Our team will create them for you in 24 hours!

Multiply your conversions

We guarantee the most visible, top rated positions for your adverts, leading to a high CTR on the cryptocurrency market. Every crypto website showing your ads, is checked regularly both for quality and relevance.

Top tier publishers

Easy to read performance tracking software allows you to optimize the campaign and analyze the results. This helps to use all of our ad formats together to achieve the maximum ROI.

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By adjusting your Budget and Cost Per Mile (CPM) you can get an estimate of how many impressions you would receive.

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To $15

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Our team

Learn more about our management team based in London Great Britain

Milo McCloud
Milo McCloud
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Milo McCloud is a blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency specialist focusing on growth opportunities for companies in these sectors.

Prior to Milo Co-Founding Paradox Group, he worked in investment sales and marketing, as well as having represented Great Britain in Alpine Skiing as an international athlete.

Paul Burnham
Paul Burnham
Co-Founder & Finance Director

Paul Burnham has worked within the corporate finance Sector for 20 years As well as building and operating a Property portfolio business Paul has worked with the likes of Toyota GB.

Paul has been instrumental in building the financial structure of an IPO and successfully completed seed stage funding.

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