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Four tech firms have bought 66% of all Bitcoin mined since August

Powered by CryptoSlate.com Four technology giants from around the world have been quick to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon. And they are likely enjoying the multifold gains. Three fir ...
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Bitcoin breaks $57,000 as on-chain data turns “mostly bullish”

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, broke the $57,000 price level based on strong fundamentals and favorable on-chain data. Bitcoin surges Bitcoin broke the $ ...
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How Paradox Group is helping DeFi

Created in 2018, The Paradox Group is the current number one blockchain advertisement agency in the UK. The purpose of the company is to offer high-quality marketing services, geared toward ...
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Nvidia bets big on Ethereum mining with new dedicated graphic chip

Powered by CryptoSlate The chipmaker was overwhelmed by the massive use of its graphic chips by Ethereum and Bitcoin miners in 2017. But it’s prepared this time around. Nvidia’s ...
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Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, UBS buy the first ETP offering exposure to Polkadot’s DOT

Powered by CryptoSlate Data from the Bloomberg Terminal has revealed that some of the biggest Wall Street players have bought the world’s first exchange-traded product (ETP) for Polkad ...
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BlackRock Chief Investment Officer admits the firm “dabbles” in Bitcoin

Powered by CryptoSlate.com Speaking on CNBC Squawkbox, BlackRock’s chief investment officer Rick Rieder admits the firm dabbles with Bitcoin. BlackRock is the world’s largest as ...
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Bitcoin breaches $50,000 after MicroStrategy drops $600 million announcement

Powered by CryptoSlate.com Expect Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy to buy all your Bitcoin when you aren’t watching. Today, the enterprise software maker announced yet another ...
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How to Start a Token Sale

Back in 2017, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were all the rage: Investors poured money into every token sale they could find, so much so that a token called the Useless Ethereum Token raised ...
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UK Tax Law and CryptoCurrency

Digital assets have a big user base in the United Kingdom, with its governments being one of the most clear and proactive when it comes to cryptocurrency taxing and regulatory policies, ali ...
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Paradox Group is nominated as one of the best crypto startups of 2020

Marketing and advertising are an essential tool for any business looking to reach a wide audience. This is true for any industry. However, with some nascent markets, advertising may sometim ...
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How to make your project Recession-Proof

The economic and financial markets are known to go through cycles of expansion and contraction. The coronavirus pandemic recently started out as a health crisis but it soon became clear tha ...
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How Blockchain Companies Are Growing in 2020

The cryptocurrency markets are currently enjoying a wave of green as Bitcoin climbs toward a new all-time high. The altcoin markets are also heating up, with double-digit daily gains becomi ...
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