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UK Tax Law and CryptoCurrency

Digital assets have a big user base in the United Kingdom, with its governments being one of the most clear and proactive when it comes to cryptocurrency taxing and regulatory policies, ali ...
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Paradox Group is nominated as one of the best crypto startups of 2020

Marketing and advertising are an essential tool for any business looking to reach a wide audience. This is true for any industry. However, with some nascent markets, advertising may sometim ...
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How to make your project Recession-Proof

The economic and financial markets are known to go through cycles of expansion and contraction. The coronavirus pandemic recently started out as a health crisis but it soon became clear tha ...
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How Blockchain Companies Are Growing in 2020

The cryptocurrency markets are currently enjoying a wave of green as Bitcoin climbs toward a new all-time high. The altcoin markets are also heating up, with double-digit daily gains becomi ...
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5 Ways to Market Your Business for Free

Being a successful entrepreneur involves dedication and passion. It is, in some ways, like becoming a parent as oftentimes your business creation will be like your own child which you’ll ...
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The Hottest Trends in Crypto for 2020

Last year was a positive one for the cryptocurrency space: prices and activity grew while businesses innovated to make cryptocurrencies more user-friendly and bring them one step closer to ...
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Paradox Launch Their Online Advertising Marketplace

Many blockchain and digital asset companies find it hard to advertise effectively. Not only have these companies been barred from mainstream advertising networks like Facebook and Google Ad ...
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