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This cookie policy (“Cookie Policy”) of Paradox Media Group Ltd., with a registered office , 54 Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1EJ, (alone or together with other Paradox Media Group Ltd. affiliates – “Paradox Media Group Ltd”, “we”, “us” or “our”), aims to inform you about the use of cookies, and other automated means of data collection on any digital property of Paradox Media Group Ltd, including the following websites:, (referred to as the “Sites”), along with any other content discovery platform (referred to as the “Services”), which you may see on third-party websites belonging to our publishers and/or other customers that allow us to place our content discovery platform on their websites in order to redistribute their own content or the content of our advertisers and/or customers (collectively known as the “Customers”).

Regarding the term “cookies” from this Cookie Policy, we refer to both cookies and any other automated means of data collection, as defined later below. By visiting, interacting, or using the Sites, you expressly agree to the use of cookies as explained henceforth. We can’t access nor control the use of cookies and other automated means of data collection on our Customers’ Sites; therefore, we request them to obtain consent on our behalf whenever it’s required by applicable data protection laws.

This Cookie Policy does not control the use of the Sites nor the processing of the Users’ personal information (as defined in our Privacy Policy). For more details regarding the use of the Sites, please consult our Terms of Service. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle your data whenever you’re using or interacting with our Sites or Services. You can refer to the Sites or platforms of our Customers where we place our widgets to know more about how they might collect cookies or process your personal information.

Table of Content

  1. Cookies and Other Automated Means of Data Collection
  2. Information We Collect
  3. The Cookies We Use and Their Purpose
  4. Cookies Management
  5. Our Contact Information
  6. Modifications to This Privacy Policy

1. Cookies and Other Automated Means of Data Collection

This section will help you learn more about cookies, other automated means of data collection, and how they all work.

1.1 Cookies

A cookie is a small text file, usually consisting of letters and numbers, which is stored on your computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other device that you might use when entering a certain site. It’s mostly used by the owners of different sites in order to make them function, improve their performance, or collect analytical information. With the help of cookies, your use of our Sites and Services will be more efficient and also more enjoyable. We may also use cookies to personalise your experience, improve customer support and provide you with customised content and relevant information whenever you’re interacting with our Services. For further details regarding the delivery of targeted advertisements by our Services, please check our Interest-Based Advertisements (Privacy Policy).

1.2 Other Automated Means of Data Collection

Once we have their consent, we may place a pixel tag on our advertiser Customers’ websites. Pixel tags are transparent graphic images displayed on a site, also known as clear GIFs or web beacons. In association with cookies, these pixels are used to analyse visitors’ behaviour on the site once they arrive via our Services. For instance, we may place pixel tags to track conversions or to create a custom audience for our advertiser Customers to target on our network (i.e. retargeting). For additional details regarding our above-mentioned operations, please access the Interest-Based Advertising section of our Privacy Policy.

The types of cookies that our service providers and we may use on the Sites and/or when delivering our Services are listed in Section 3 below.

2. Information We Collect

2.1 Cookies Used on Our Sites

The data we obtain from our trusted business partners that place third-party cookies on our Sites may include, but is not limited to, details about the User’s geographic location (i.e. country, city), data regarding the device and operating system of the User, the web pages accessed by the User while browsing our Sites, the links that redirected the visitor to our Sites, the accessing dates and times, and other diagnostic data. We may also collaborate with third parties that employ their proprietary cookies, web beacons, and other technologies which record Site Visitors’ online activities, either on our Sites and/or other websites, so that we can provide personalised advertisements that are suited to your interests.

For more details about how we may use third parties to deliver you advertisements that are tailored to your interests, please consult our Third-Party Online Advertising section (Privacy Policy).

Our Privacy Policy shall apply to the processing of any of the above information, along or together with other data, if this constitutes Personal Data under applicable laws.

2.2 Cookies Used via Services

Cookies help us receive information about your operating system, browser type, the pages you’ve visited when you’ve entered our Customer’s sites, the links that led you to our Customer’s sites, the time and date of your visit, the geographic location of you internet service provider (i.e. country, city) and other diagnostic data.

3. The Cookies We Use and Their Purpose

The information we collected through third-party cookies on the Sites may be used by us to keep track of your Information and avoid re-entering said data the next time you access our Sites, to observe which pages and sections you have visited on the Sites, to keep track of the number of visitors on our Sites and the webpages that have been accessed, and to better our Sites’ management and functionality. The use of third parties may also be employed by us for the monitoring and/or analysis of your online browsing on our Sites, or to provide you with personalised advertisements based on your browsing history via third-party websites.

If you want to know more information regarding how our third parties may collect your Information or how you can receive personalised advertisements based on your interests, please review our Third-Party Online Advertising section (Privacy Policy).

There are several categories of cookies used by our service providers on the Sites for accomplishing such purposes. The categories are described below as:

3.1 Cookies That Are Strictly Required

The purposes of these cookies may consist of (i) conducting communications via an electronic communications network, or (ii) enabling information society service providers to offer such services in accordance with your specific requirements.

3.2 Cookies Used in Performance (Analytical)

These cookies may be deployed for the collection of visitor activities on the Site (for instance, which are the most visited pages or if any error messages are displayed when visiting the webpages). No identifying information is collected by these cookies; all data obtained by these cookies is aggregated and, thus, anonymous. The sole purpose of these cookies is to further the improvement of the Site’s functionality.

3.3 Cookies Used for Advertising (Targeting)

The use of these cookies may involve creating advertisements that are of interest to you. Such cookies may also be deployed to restrict the display times of an advertisement in addition to aiding us in evaluating how effective an advertising campaign is. Advertising networks usually place these ads with our consent.

The cookies on the websites of our Customers (i.e. where our Services are provided) collect Information that we may use to improve the user experience and the functionality of our Services, and to personalise the content and data we may display and provide to you.

To find out more about how our Services deliver tailored advertisements, please consult our Interest-Based Advertisements section (Privacy Policy)

The following categories of cookies may be used for the aforementioned purposes:

In order to differentiate a “first-party” cookie from a “third-party” cookie, you must consider the domain that places the cookie.

To find out more information regarding the individual cookies we employ on our Sites and for our Services, and the corresponding purpose of each cookie, continue reading the Information provided below:

3.4 Cookies Used on Our Sites

Our Sites employ the use of the following first-party cookies:

First Party Cookies

Cookie name: consent (to save your consent preferences).

The only use of first-party cookies on our Sites is with reference to our Services, with certain pages of our Sites featuring said cookies. To find out more about how our cookies are deployed through our Services, please continue reading the information presented below.

Third Party Cookies

Our Sites employ the use of the following third-party cookies:

Cookie: Intercom, Intercomintercom-session-aoltuu4t (it will identify your current session with our live chat).

Cookie: Cloudfare, lCloudflare_cfduid (this cookie is deployed by Cloudflare for security reasons).

Cookie: Google Analytics, Google Analytics_ga (this cookie is used by Google to generate a unique identifier)

Cookie: Google Analytics, _gid (used by Google to store information for each page visit).

Cookie: Google Analytics, _gat-UA-**** (used by Google to identify the account used by Paradox’s services).

Cookie: Google Analytics, AMP_TOKENA (cookie that stores a Token used by Google AMP services to identify a client).

Cookie: Google Adsense, _gcl_au (used by Google for advertisements efficiency across websites using their services).

Cookie: Facebook, _fbp (used by Facebook to deliver advertisement products from third party advertisers).

3.5 Cookies Used Through Our Services

Paradox’s cookies may be placed on our Customers ‘ websites using our Services as follows:

First Party Cookies

Cookie: session, by paradox media group Ltd to identify our customers).

Cookie: ssessionPersistence, (used by Paradox media group Ltd to keep the Customer’s details through our platforms).

4. Cookies Management

4.1 The Cookies Our Sites Use

You are able to change the setting of your browser in order to manage or reject cookies if you do not want our trusted business partners to place their cookies on your device when you’re accessing our web pages. You can also set up a notification to alert you when a cookie is being placed in your Internet browser software. Users can access these settings either in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu featured on their Internet browser.

To find out more about browser settings and how can you change them to your preferences, access your Internet browser’s Help section. Most of today’s Internet browsers allow you to look through your device’s stored cookies and remove any unwanted cookie.

4.2 The Cookies Our Services Use

If you do not want us to place our cookies on your device when you engage with or use our Services in order to personalise the content and data we may feature or provide you with and otherwise customise our Services’ user experience, you are able to set your browser to reject these cookies (according to our aforementioned explanation), or click on the Opt-Out button below.

You can opt-out using our form by contacting paradox media group Ltd from our contact page.

The opt-out function removes all the cookies we may have previously held concerning your account and replaces them with a new cookie which reminds us not to track you anymore. The removal of all your browser cookies after your opting-out implies that you will also be removing the cookie that alerts us that you have opted-out, meaning that you will need to perform the opt-out process again.

You will still be able to see our Services or ads even if you’ve opted out from receiving tailored content or ads from us.

5. Our Contact Information

Should you have inquiries regarding the privacy aspects of our Sites or Services, please feel free to reach us at the following addresses:

Paradox Media Group Ltd

Business Address
Headquarter Address: 54 Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1EJ


6. Modifications to this Cookies Policy

This Cookie Policy is updated starting with the Effective Date stipulated above.

This Cookie Policy may be subjected to occasional updates or changes, so please read this policy periodically to keep abreast with the new modifications. Any changes related to this Cookie Policy on our Sites will be immediately published by us.

If any revisions to our Cookie Policy have a significant impact on our practices concerning the Information we may have about you, we will try our best to alert you of such updates in advance by emphasising the changes on our Sites. We will request your permission in advance for any material changes, should this be compulsory via applicable data protection laws.

By continuing to use the Sites and our Services, you express your agreement regarding this Cookie Policy and any updates.