Brave Push Notification Package (25,000 Clicks)

Button Ads, CPC Advertising, Text Ads

Package overview

25000 Clicks CPC Text Ads

This package includes 25,000 guaranteed clicks to your website at a cost of $0.45 CPC.

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Brave is a mobile and desktop browser that specialises in user privacy. By implementing a built-in firewall, adding support for Google Chrome extensions and providing ad blocking, Brave has managed to build a user base of over 18 million monthly users.

The promoted product/website has to comply with the following requirements:

- No mentions of guaranteed returns on the ad or website.
- No pyramid schemes.
- Depending on the case, the advertised project/product should have a real team, a good reputation, and information that can be verified by our team and the Publisher.

Should your product fall into any of the above points, it will not be allowed on this ad spot.

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